François Tremblay

CEO of Inventive Laboratory and Chief Technology Officer of HRVST Limited

Driven by his vision of addressing world hunger and creating sustainable indoor farming solutions for every location and climate, François has invented some of the world’s most advanced technology in vertical farming.

In 2015, François co-founded HRVST Limited with Jean-Pascal Chupin of Florentaise, combining the strengths of two leading agricultural technologies as well as the experience and expertise of their founders.

Before devoting himself to working full-time with Inventive Laboratory and HRVST, François served as CAO at Mawashi Science and Technology, a prime contractor for the US Army, where he developed several revolutionary technologies. Between 2008 and 2014, he co-founded two companies and led the development of two game-changing innovations: a micro-algae photobioreactor harvester (Transformation Ekoscience Technology) and a phototherapy paramedical device (Ledma).

Passionate about uniting science, advanced technology and entrepreneurship, François is steadily gaining recognition as an innovator and a pioneer in the controlled environment agriculture sector.