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Your success is our success. Whether you’re a farmer, a property owner, an entrepreneur or an investor, HRVST empowers you to optimize your resources and grow more.

Working projects with HRVST is simple. We offer turnkey service and all the support you need to successfully manage your vertical farming operation, at every step of the way:

Our in-house testing facilities will grow and analyze test crops and generate data that will optimize yield and quality.


We adapt our approach to make the most out of your crops – regardless of environment or location.


HRVST supports you throughout the growing process and the commercial life cycle.

Virtually limitless potential
HRVST’s vertical farming technology is flexible, adaptable and highly scalable. Whether you work in the agro-industrial field, manage an urban farm, or run a farming co-op, HRVST offers turnkey solutions to take your agricultural business to the next level.

If you are a grower or producer looking for a sustainable, affordable option to maximize your space and assets, HRVST can help you:

  • Expand and diversify your crop production year-round
  • Connect with potential partners and/or investors
  • Access our vast expertise and knowledge of cultivars, growing systems and techniques
  • Combine the HRVST system with an existing greenhouse operation
  • Install our system in unused buildings or buildings to be repurposed
  • Level-load resources and avoid peak hours for electricity demand by automating day/night sequencing between the rows
  • Create a produce basket offering and/or become a supplier to basket providers
  • Deliver consistent outputs for more reliable results and peace of mind
  • Kick-start the spring and summer seasons as plants are propagated and brought close to maturity
  • Expand or diversify your product offering during the off season by growing a wide variety of products
  • Automate manual processes and manage the environment instead of physically moving plants to different environments
  • Improve your return on investment (ROI) for the various targeted crops
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your operation
  • Entrepreneurs/investors

    If you are seeking an investment or business opportunity with significant potential, HRVST can help you:

  • Establish or strengthen your presence in the rapidly growing field of vertical farming
  • Determine the feasibility and economic viability of installing a vertical farm given your available space and assets
  • Boost production for industrial agricultural operations
  • Assemble the right team to build out your project
  • Identify potential partners for your project
  • Reach a wide consumer base through a diverse product offering
  • Calculate and maximize your return on investment (ROI) and other parameters
  • Secure grants and/or other funding
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your business
  • Agricultural/agritech advisors

    If you are responsible for advising a public entity such as a municipality, academic institution, consulting firm or association, HRVST can help you:

  • Determine the feasibility and economic viability of installing a vertical farm in your organization
  • Build a case for vertical farming technology in commercial food operation
  • Create a scaled-down version of our technology for technology showcasing and training institutions
  • Include HRVST vertical farming technology in training curricula offered by local training organizations
  • Reach a wide consumer base through a diverse product offering
  • Calculate your return on investment (ROI) based on targeted crops
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your institution
  • Property owners

    If you are considering an opportunity to monetize or repurpose your property, HRVST can help you:

  • Determine the feasibility and economic viability of installing a vertical farm on your property
  • Determine the best use of your space and assets
  • Improve the environmental impact of your property
  • Flexible purchasing options

    Rent-to-purchase options are available.
    HRVST can also refer you to an equipment leasing or purchase financing partner.

    Setup and support

    Your HRVST vertical farming systems can be up and running in six months, from design, manufacturing, to installation, to production. In the sixth month, we begin fine-tuning the growing parameters and transferring the technology to you.


    All HRVST solution components are covered by a product warranty against defects for a minimum of two years. Certain components, such as lighting fixtures and electronic devices, are guaranteed for three years. The warranty coverage begins after the entire system installation is completed. For more details, please see the HRVST Limited Warranty Disclaimer.


    HRVST will provide full initial system training to our customers’ operating personnel and assist with the first 90 days of production. Operation manuals will also be supplied to each trained employee as a reference guide. Details regarding the training program will be provided in the Training and Technology Transfer guide.

    Successful partnerships and collaborations:

    Core partnership with Florentaise, a world leader in substrate innovation, manufacturing and distribution.

    Commercial Partner with Growing Smart, an international agricultural project development firm.

    Commercial Partner with Effedue S.R.L., specialized in food solutions for the Italian market.

    Equipment partnership with Agritecture, a worldwide agtech consulting firm.

    Active membership in numerous associations, such as:
    Chambre de commerce du Montréal Métropolitain (CCMM)
    Écotech Québec
    La Zone Agtech
    Laboratoire sur l’Agriculture Urbaine

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