our mission

At HRVST, we’re on a mission to power the future of sustainable agriculture and take on some of humanity’s toughest challenges.

At HRVST, we’re on a mission to power the future of sustainable agriculture and take on some of humanity’s toughest challenges. Our unique hyper-controlled technology creates optimal growing conditions, produces more reliable results, and dramatically improves crop yields , in virtually any environment, and for even the most complex plants.

our vision

At HRVST, our vision is to transform agriculture and nourish a growing global population through high-precision, high-performance vertical farming technology that produces high-quality, fresh, nutritious food wherever and whenever needed.

These are the values that define and guide HRVST’s culture and the way we do business every day.

our values
HRVST was born out of a dream of making fresh, healthy, nutritious food more accessible to communities everywhere.
our Story
We champion vertical farming technology

François Tremblay, automated production engineer, inventor and tech visionary, saw an opportunity to bring that dream to fruition through the power of an exciting new technology. In 2014, following the launch of two other successful businesses and a decade of research in the agricultural field, François co-founded HRVST Limited, bringing together the respective expertise of two exceptional companies. Inventive Laboratory Inc., based in Montreal, Canada, specializes in agricultural lighting and automation, while Florentaise, based in Saint-Mars-Du-Désert, France, trades in horticultural substrate innovation, manufacturing and distribution. HRVST invested over a decade in the research, development and testing of our unique technology and software.

Today, HRVST’s turnkey vertical farming technology is the most powerful and versatile hydroponic solution on the market. It’s the world’s most advanced collection of equipment and software for maximizing crop yields in a hyper-controlled environment.

HRVST currently operates four large-scale vertical farms in Quebec, as well as a training and validation facility in Angers, France. These facilities are used to develop growth recipes, trial various crops and provide support to our grower customers. Our facility in France can also facilitate crop sales through our distribution channels, providing valuable market feedback and return on investment (ROI) data.

True to our roots, HRVST is constantly innovating and growing. We are continuously working to develop new features and experimenting to improve our growing recipes and methods.

“To feed people – that’s the dream. I believe it’s our responsibility as human beings to do everything we can to relieve the global hunger problem.”

François Tremblay
our Leaders

Leaders in
the industry

Following his dream of creating a solution to world hunger, François co-founded HRVST Limited in 2014. As Chief Technology Officer, in 2017, François led the development team to a successful facility demonstration. He subsequently retired from Mawashi Science & Technology to devote himself fully to HRVST Limited.

François Tremblay

CEO of Inventive Laboratory and Chief Technology Officer of HRVST Limited