Growing the FUTURE


Growing structure

What’s possible
  • Produce multiple crops simultaneously, row by row
  • Optimize growth and yield of any plant, year-round, in any location
  • Customize the length and height of each unit
  • Automate row cleaning
How we make it possible
  • Units designed to sustain a crop’s full weight in operating conditions with integrated irrigation and gas systems
  • Intelligent, automatic hydroponic tide irrigation system
Unique parameters

hypercontrolled · automated · energyefficient · customizable

Climate control

What’s possible
  • Remotely control and automate more than 25 unique parameters – from climate and airflow to heating, cooling, humidity fertilization and oxygenation
  • Adjust each parameter according to growing requirements, plant maturity or other specifications
  • Control fertilizer type, PH levels, and concentration for at least 4 different fertilizers; inject living organisms
  • Maintain the desired conditions all year long
How we make it possible
  • Global operating temperature can be set from 15°C to 25°C according to a day-and-night cycle
  • Global relative humidity can be set from 45% to 75%
  • Uniformly distributed injectors enable direct injection of CO2 and humidity (mist) according to the need of the specific plant at all times
  • Automatic control of CO2 injection for maintaining CO2 level (global) or to create a CO2 enriched period (local)
  • Automatic humidity (mist) injection to create enriched humidity period (local).
  • CO2 control: 400ppm (outside air) to 2000ppm
  • Humidity enrichment period: Up to 100%
  • CO2 expected consumption per hour: 1.6 L/m³ (0.045 L/ft³)
  • CO2 tank capacity allows autonomy for monthly operation
Automatic irrigation and
Direct irrigation
Airflow control
Oxygen injection
Specialized crop
carrier tray
lifting platform
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