Who knows what the future holds?
We do.

The future is a planet that is nourished, even when traditional agriculture is stretched to the limit.

The future is high-yield harvests where fertile soil is at a premium.

The future is urban farmers who use real-time data to optimize their methods.

The future is HRVST vertical farm technology.

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HRVST Limited is a joint venture created in 2015 between Inventive Laboratory Inc. and Florentaise. Over a decade of research went into the development of HRVST’s unique lighting technology. The goal? To feed the world and improve yields for a variety of crops.

Inventive Laboratory is an R&D firm specialized in agricultural lighting and automation, while Florentaise is a world leader in substrate innovation, manufacturing and distribution. As HRVST, we’re transforming agriculture through automation — and disrupting the agricultural world of today for a better tomorrow.

Unlock the
of urban farming

HRVST is about so much more than vertical farming. It’s the world’s most advanced collection of technology and software for maximizing crop yields in a hyper-controlled environment, whatever the geographic location, all supported by real-time data.


Illustration of a seedling sprouting

Unlike other urban farming systems, ours can house and independently optimize several different crop types at once.


Illustration of a dashboard

Row-by-row climate, lighting, water and air flow controls mean users can fine-tune each crop’s environment according to specific growing requirements and plant maturity.


Illustration of a graph

Our vertical farm technologies enable farmers to improve their methods using real-time stats and an online database with live data from all the participating facilities around the world.


Illustration of a plant and a magnifying glass

HRVST leverages evidence-based methods to create the ideal plant growth environment. Our proprietary technology has undergone rigorous testing from leading agronomists.



HRVST’s turnkey vertical farming technology is the most powerful, versatile industrial hydroponic solution on the market.

  • Fully customizable intelligent modular framework
  • Photosynthetically optimized water-cooled LED lighting
  • Automated irrigation and fertilization
  • Energy efficient, year-round climate control
  • Automated CO2 and humidity injector
  • Row-by-row air flow control system
  • Automated row cleaner
  • Advanced operation, planning and task management interfaces
  • Comprehensive online database
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